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In Theater of the Kitchen, Michael Campanella uses concepts from his acting training at NYU Tisch School of the Arts to foster creativity in the kitchen that transcends relying on recipes—instead, he explores ways to cook with instinct, intuition, and a dash of irreverence. 

Built on a love of creativity and a love for life, Michael’s book hones in on the creative muscles we all need to have in the kitchen and how to train those muscles. This includes trusting your instincts, training your palate, and developing your personal artistry to coax your culinary genius to come out from behind the curtains and take center stage. 

With over 40 recipes intentionally designed not to be followed, each paired with essays on techniques and cooking fundamentals, Theater of the Kitchen has one goal in mind: to allow you to create food that is 100% your own…and maybe even learn about yourself and your creative spirit in the process. Cooking is about being in the moment and in touch with your senses and emotions. When you do that, you can begin to create food that represents who you truly are, food that allows you to bask in the spotlight of your own creation. You can star in your own theater of the kitchen!