When I was cast in my first role as a defense attorney in a modified version of Humpty Dumpty in 5th grade, I immediately felt at home on the stage. Before that moment, I didn't know what my passion was, or frankly what it meant to have a passion. My interests had always been... bohemian. My 7th birthday was in an Oreck store (I had quite the vacuum collection) and my 10th birthday present was a phonograph from an antique show in northern Jersey. I also tried nearly every sport at some point in my life, and to say the least, none worked out!

Now, I study Drama at NYU. I'm in my second year of primary training in the Meisner studio. Meisner's pedagogy focuses on having personal, authentic experiences on stage; the first year is dedicated to personal exploration (Meisner said that an actor must know himself thoroughly and authentically before building a character), and the second year focuses on character transformation. The technique hones in on developing the actor's artistic mechanism, getting on spontaneous impulses, and creating work that is honest and original. Part of my goal with Theater of the Kitchen is to translate Meisnarian concepts into a guide for cooking that is creative and without pretense.